Secrets of a Brilliant One-Thousand-Word Essay

Essay writing forms an integral part of student learning in high school and colleges. As such, most students get conversant with writing diverse types of short essays as time goes by. However, it becomes something completely different when they get asked to write a one-thousand-word essay piece by their tutors.

So how can you go about it? How many paragraphs and pages should it contain? How long should it take? 

An essay that requires a thousand words depends on the format employed to determine how long it can get. For instance, a double-spaced paper using a typical font size will take more pages than one that uses a single-spaced system. Further, the time used to write such an essay piece will solely depend on things like the topic, your knowledge concerning the subject, and the volume of available material that you have to use.

The structure of a thousand-word essay should contain the typical introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. However, the body text has to increase in volume, and thus, the amount of paragraphs will also increase to about three paragraphs, each containing two-hundred and thirty-three words. Here is a guide from IBuyEssay blog on how to make your essay longer so that if would fit one thousand words.

Tips on Writing a Thousand-Word Essay

  • Read the task

You must get all the instructions right before embarking on the writing process. A simple misread word can completely disintegrate the instruction and lead to an entirely different message. Therefore, ensure that you go through the instruction a couple of times until you get satisfied that the message has hit home before you start writing.

  • Develop an appropriate essay subject

Under specific circumstances, your instructor can provide you the essay subject for your assignment. But sometimes, you will have to develop your topic. In such a case, carefully and thoroughly scour every information available to define your essay topic. You can always use the internet or hardcopy books to research for such information.

  • Gather and study every available information related to the subject

Collection of information forms a vital aspect in writing an essay. However, you have to ascertain the source’s quality before skimming through for every relevant detail. Further, you need to maintain clarity of the aim of reading such scientific text as it differs significantly from fictional works.

  • Develop a plan

Well, a thousand-word essay still falls under the short category of essays, but having a clear plan can help you organize your work accordingly. Ensure that every paragraph only has a single idea, with all paragraphs having similar lengths, if possible.

  • Write your essay 

It’s important to start writing your work from wherever you feel comfortable, but the common practice entails beginning from the introduction. In instances where you feel stuck, skip and move to subsequent paragraphs. After all, this should only be the first draft.

  • Ensure a flowing storyline

Answering the key assigned queries and addressing every function word, only forms one segment, while the other entails tying everything together to make sense clearly.

  • Polish the essay text

Try and get some rest before proofreading your essay piece. Having a clear head while proofing can help discover and fix mistakes.


Writing a brilliant one-thousand essay can prove challenging without consideration of the above-outlined guidelines. Consider these tips to develop a professional essay that will guarantee you high grades.