The Unique Tips for Writing an Essay

Many students go through hell when it comes to writing an essay. They do not know how to start or complete a piece. If you are one of them, worry not because you are in the right place. Here you will be able to learn the tips that will help with writing. You have to know that nothing comes easy. If you want to have a better knowledge of writing, you need to practice and work hard. There are steps that if you follow, you will not have any challenges when it comes to writing.


Before you start the process of writing, take time, and plan yourself. You should first understand the title carefully because that will help you with your plan. You will decide on the points to write for your paper. You first have to arrange all your ideas. Do thorough research, and do not forget to write short notes because they will help you. When you have a plan, it will be hard for you to make stupid mistakes. You will know what comes first and what follows without hesitating.


It is the part that comes first when writing an essay. It introduces the title you are working on by bringing out the main idea. If you want your entire paper to make sense, you need to have an engaging introduction. It is a crucial part that will either give the reader psyche to continue reading or make him/her stop. It brings out the arguments that you will explain in the body of your paper. You have to be careful here not to spoil the chances of getting a good grade.

 The hooks you use will help you get the reader’s attention. If you use poor grammar, you will not stand a chance of coming up with an excellent paper. You have to know that an introduction should not have more than four sentences. It has to be short and exciting for it to make sense. If you have a lengthy introduction, you should remove some words. Even if it sounds great when long, try as much as you can to shorten it.

Things to Avoid When Writing the Introductory Part

  • Avoid using phrases that are too common and boring.
  • Saying things that are out of the topic.

The Body

If you want your paper to be substantial, you need to have evidence. The evidence you write will support your arguments and make your essay stronger. You have to use different sources to do research, and you will be able to conquer this part. Each point that you write should have evidence that will make it stand out. Writing an essay without evidence is useless because the reader will not consider your work. Do not write proof for the sake. The ones you go with should be relevant. They should go with your points for them to make sense. If you are having a hard time in this part, you can always seek help. Do not keep quiet, and you are suffering. Get help from someone, and you will know how to go about it.

The Body Structure

You have to make each paragraph come out clearly. You have to start each sentence with a topic sentence to make work easier for yourself and the reader. If you do that, you will remain on track and write the correct points that support the topic sentence. The reader will understand your work efficiently without struggling, and that is how it should be. Your work will just be explaining further on the point, which will not take much of your time.


It is the last paragraph that you write on your essay. It has to bring back the idea. You have to make sure that you do not go off-topic. You will have to summarize the points that you have in a few sentences and make sure that the reader can understand your work. Make sure you have strong points that the reader cannot forget.