Writing an Impressive College Application Essay

How do you impress the college admission committee with an application letter? By the time your application latter lands in the admission committee’s hand, most of the member are bored with already too many essays. The same group of people will not be willing to spend more time looking at any other boring piece. Your application statement should be distinguishable from the rest. Have something different that makes the committee stop at your essay and give it some time before moving to the next piece. You need to write an essay that exceeds your diploma qualification.

How do you write an impressive scholarship essay? Here are some ways of producing an excellent piece for your admissions committee:

Review Other Scholarship Samples

Before coming up with your sample, read other applicants’ essays. There are great application samples on the internet that can be a useful resource in helping you develop a good piece. You can be downloading an article daily as a sample to guide you through the writing process. You should, however, be keen not to fall prey to plagiarism issues. Avoid copy the content you read in such a sample and apply them directly to your essay. The essence of essay writing is to reflect your real personality, not showcasing your writing prowess.

Correct Formatting of Your Essay

After finishing t your essay writing, you must spend some time going through your work and format accordingly. The admission committee may sometimes be petty and use your simple mistake to reject your application. It is typical for the student not to bear in mind the formatting rules outlined in the application essay question. After completing the application process, they need to go back to the essay question and review the formatting requirements.  

Following The General Rules for Essay Writing

There are different essay application rules for each college. Every institution has its application requirements. However, there are general rules that cut across all college essay application requirements. That is why going online and searching for the broad application guideline will be beneficial in your writing.

Being Unique in Your Application

Though the admission committee may not be after checking plagiarism in your application essay, it is necessary to express your real personality. Even though your paper may be original, some common expressions may make the reader fail to feel your organic application statement. Run your work through a plagiarism checker to be sure of the originality of your work.

You May as Well Try the Following Tips to Improve Your Essay

Read all the instructions attentively and understand what you need to do. Avoid writing an essay that you lack an idea about. For any doubt, contact the university administration for clarification.

Develop an outline before you start your essay. A system will help you in organizing your thoughts and avoid forgetting important points.

Have a clear and concise sample. Your essay should be straightforward and with simple sentences that are easy to read and understand.

Maintain the originality of your essay. Find an episode that made you select the course you are applying for. Avoid making jokes with informal language in your writing.


Essay writing should never frustrate you. Every student must produce it before admission; therefore, you are not alone in the application journey. Follow the above application guideline to make your essay impressive and compelling. Brace yourself with these guidelines, and the entire process will be rewarding. You will win a chance in your course and university of choice.