Ways to Create an Excellent MBA Essay

Many people experience trouble when writing an application for business school. To make it to a business school, know your paper is perfect. The officers are keen to eliminate candidates that make any minor mistakes. If you fail to include any relevant information, count yourself out. They want to go with strong candidates that show potential by writing excellent essays. If you are not good at writing an application essay, you can start practicing and improve.

If you want something, you have to go for it. Knowing how to write an application essay is vital because it is the ticket for you to enter the school of your dreams. Some schools are using another system of the application. You have to be ready for anything that comes your way not to miss a chance. If a school wants you to write, give your all. If it is in the form of a video, be confident, and give it all you can.

MBA Application Essay Prompts

Numerous application essays are divided into five sections, starting from the introduction to the setbacks.


It is the first part where you have to introduce yourself. Harvard School has considered the prompt for the past couple of years. You have to know the perfect ways of introducing yourself. The points you write should be accurate and not exaggerated. You have to be ready for anything because the prompt depends on the institution you desire. Do not try and cram things because they can change. Make sure you read widely, and you will have the skills of answering any questions.

Career Objective Prompts

When it comes to these prompts, you will have to tell them more about your career. You will also have to mention why you think the institution is perfect for your career and goals. It is a critical part because it requires a lot of understanding. The way you answer the question will tell them more about you. If you use the regular statements students use, you will end up failing and missing an opportunity. You have to be careful with your choice of words for you to succeed.

School Selection Prompts

Here you will have to state the reasons why you want to enter that specific institution. You will have to mention the benefits you will bring to both the institution and the classmates. This question gets mostly asked by many schools for a reason. It is because the officers find mistakes to cut off some students with inappropriate answers. You have to think first before you answer this question. It is an easy question, but the answer is complicated.

Try and be different from other candidates for you to get an opportunity. In this part, most candidates give the same answers that the officers are tired of reading. Try and think of something new that will make you stand out. You have to be unique, and you will get a chance. Stop saying things like, I want to join the institution because I am fit. How are you sure you are suitable when other candidates are fighting for that chance.

Achievements Prompts

You will have to write about your accomplishments and the things you did when you experienced setbacks. This part will tell them the method you use to accomplish your rewards. They will also know about the things that help you stand up whenever you experience any problem. It will help them learn about you even before meeting you.

Additional Optional Essays

You have the chance to write additional topics. You can choose the ones that will help you sell yourself more. Remember, you have to write about yourself more to know the kind of person you are.